Might be a little late on this whole end-of-the-year wrap up thing. (I can’t believe it’s the end of JANUARY already!) But I really wanted to share my 2014 work roundup with you. I’ll admit, it’s mostly because I wanted an excuse to play around with a new app. I just discovered Videohance earlier this month while listening to one of CreativeLive‘s marketing classes (it was one of the Instagram classes, but I can’t remember which one.) It’s kind of addictive and a fun way to spend time after a snow-filled day. I tried not to use any light leaks, but I couldn’t help myself.

I made the video/slideshow for Instagram–it looks best there (on a phone). But you can also check it out right here:

La Sirena’s 2014 Design Highlights from Jalene Hernandez on Vimeo.