See ya next year, Winter

Are you always looking forward and never taking a second to look over all the cool stuff you’ve accomplished? I’m going to try and celebrate more, and I think doing it as the seasons change is a good time to reflect. So today I’m taking this time to look back over and celebrate the design work we did for Lake Chelan’s Winterfest and their Winter Guide.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2016

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Event Makeover: Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest

SSBF2016LogoWhiskey + Beer + Seattle. Three of my favorite things.

The lovely folks at Bold Hat Productions have rebranded and renamed HopScotch (their annual spring beer and scotch festival) to the Seattle Scotch and Beer Fest. La Sirena helped them out with a new logo, poster, coaster, social media graphics, web and print ads, outdoor billboard, and a new WordPress website. Or Maybe I should just say, “all the marketing materials you could ever need for an event.”  

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.56.19 PM

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Microbiz Makeover: Lucy the Laborer

I was beyond thrilled and honored when Emily Cohen-Moreira asked me to rebrand her business – Lucy the Laborer. (She was my doula and she was amazing!) I jumped at the chance to work with her in this capacity. Here’s a short interview with her and some pics of the work we did. 

I was really pleasantly surprised (though not shocked) by how much I liked everything you did and how much I felt what I wanted to express through my redesign came through.

1) What were some key factors that made you decide that NOW was the time for a redesign?

I had my previous site and logo for the past few years. It served me pretty well, but was looking pretty dated and kind of crappy at this point. Also, I am now accepting registration for prenatal classes directly through my site, so I wanted it to look appealing and attractive.

2) Why did you choose to work with me?

I have worked with you in the past in a different capacity and generally like the style of the work I have seen of yours. I also felt that, since you experienced working with me before, you would be able to really capture what I am trying to convey with my site and logo.

3) What was your favorite part about working with me?

My favorite part was the design phase. I was really pleasantly surprised (though not shocked) by how much I liked everything you did and how much I felt what I wanted to express through my redesign came through.

4) What could I have done to make your experience working with me better?

I am totally happy with my experience. You were professional, on-time, and collaborative.

5) Any other info you want to share:

Everyone who saw my old site and has been back to the new one has commented on how much they love it. One woman I know who is training as a Childbirth Educator said she went to my beautiful site for inspiration. And I have had many compliments on my marketing materials.


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